Interview with Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society
12/22/2010 8:01:00 PM by Kim Thore

"Without Oz…I wouldn't have Black Label, you know? It's like all of the amazing things and offshoots that he has had and created so I mean it's a matter of being grateful for what you got. With Oz I talked to him not too long ago and I'll be calling him today for his birthday. And like with Gus G., the Black Label Family wishes him well and we want him to do good…it's all good and cool and why wouldn't it be? Without Oz there wouldn't be a Zakk Wylde or BLS, no signature guitars, amps, strings, pedals, and there wouldn't be a #4 record and all that crap that goes along with it without Oz giving me the opportunity in the first place."

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