New Enslaved Interview
12/14/2010 5:10:00 PM by Etiam

"I think, going back to when we took the name, it was more or less just a cool name for a band, to be honest…Now it really means something to me. We are enslaved in very many ways, actually. We are enslaved in humanity, which is going out of hand in all directions. Everybody knows that. The point is that we are trying not to be enslaved, but we're never going to be 'un-slaved'. We will always be enslaved, as long as we're here. Humanity is not working, except in the military, and they just work in the military way. They take away humanity and create individuals who don't end up thinking about themselves as individuals at all. That's one of the only times that humans actually…work. Otherwise--we're fuck-ups."

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