Dimmu Borgir/Enslaved Road Report
12/14/2010 1:40:00 PM by Etiam

Enslaved--arguably the most complete band I have seen on stage, with every member contributing vitally to the band's sound. The group has achieved a kind of symbiosis that is seamlessly intertwined, and any member's absence would now be a serious creative blow. Almost 20 years into their career, and with nearly as many ex-members in their wake, Dimmu continues to churn out albums every couple of years and is one of metal's most successful representatives in the mainstream. The defining moment in the set came early on, while I still was taking photos in the pit before the first row. I was standing right up against the stage not three feet from Galder, sizing up a profile shot of the band, when I heard something strange. I looked up at Galder, whose face was contorted in that famous rictus, transfixing the crowd with a sidelong gaze, and I realized that he was hissing...

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