Dimebag Darrell - Our Retrospective
12/8/2010 12:04:00 PM by Various

By 1991, heavy metal had become a bloated, commercial giant and a savior was needed on the American metal scene--Pantera was this band. They had a power groove that was as heavy in atmosphere as anything to date. Their devastating sound would be highly influential for the next half-dozen years and is still a major part of the current scene. It's been six years since Dimebag Darrell was killed and in honor of the influential guitarist, we have compiled some of our various MM features and our writer, Chris Kincaid has written his thoughts in a new column.

· New: Dimebag Darrell-The Cowboy from Hell

· MTV's Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

· The Infamous 'Grim' Article and Our Response

· What Would Dimebag Do

· The Metal World Loses One of Their Beloved Six String Slayers

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