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Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire
Type: CD
Company: Warner-Tamerlane
Release: 2017
Genre: Progressive
Reviewer: David Loveless
Star Wars soundtrack tunes done Metal style!
For some odd reason, Metal and Star Wars seem to go hand-in-hand! Not sure if it's the fight of good versus evil or or the metal-like armor costumes that scream various genres of extreme metal! Either way, they go together like peas and carrots, or should I say, light sabers and 7-string guitars.

Finally, a band has daringly brought both worlds together in the form of Galactic Empire--the Star Wars themed metal band (from a galaxy far far away)! Putting a metal twist on soundtrack favorites from all of the Star Wars movies, Galactic Empire blends progressive metal, djent, and the occasional blast beat to great success!

From the djent-atstic Main Theme opener to The Throne Room/End Title, Galactic Empire keep things interesting with a variety of styles--picking the right songs in the process to showcase their amazing talent! Some favorite tracks include Duel Of The Fates, The Astroid Field, and Cantina Band, but the fun doesn't stop there. Ben's Death/The Fighter Attack, The Force Battle, and Battle Of Heroes have some amazing arrangements that will make you want to bang your head Wookiee style!

Although this may seem like a cheesy project, it's not that at all! These are stellar metal renditions of our favorite Star Wars tunes! Hopefully this is just a start to many more albums featuring other great tunes from the vast Star Wars soundtrack catalog! Definitely one of my favorites of 2017 so far.

About this Writer:
David Loveless // Dave's early introduction to Metal was listening to records by Black Sabbath and Kiss. Discovering Metallica's Master of Puppets on record at the local public library turned his world upside down. After spending nearly 24 years in Japan and expanding his love for the International underground metal scene, Dave (and family) now resides in the US. The savage brutality of Extreme Metal brings out the "Grim Gaijin" in him.

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Galactic EmpireGalactic Empire
David Loveless3/9/2017

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