Massive Assault 2005 Demo

The death metal scriptures open before me again, this time revealing Massive Assault, an earsplitting shard of Swedish death inspired by bands like Entombed, Dismember, and Unleashed. As those pioneering bands set forth a road of struggle and ruin, going against the grain of groove oriented factory press, Massive Assault continue the campaign a decade later. Picking up the cart and moving it one step further, these young superstars journey on in the name of all things iron, blending the old school tradition with today's most rugged of stripped down punk endeavors. The end result is a four track demo that puts on display a valid and well received selection of songs, each catered and geared for the rawest of gloomy emotions.

This demo features Fredda on guitars, Gideon on drums, Jerome on bass, and Carl on vocals. This lineup has been revamped and changed slightly since it's inception three years ago. This 2005 effort marks the group's third recording session, with a solid starter EP in 2003 and a two song cover release in 2004. Now the band are a more focused group, playing shows around their hometown and building a fan following. With this demo in tow the group should be closing in on some serious label interest. While so many of today's extreme bands dwell on the "new school" sounds of metal-core, Massive Assault leans over the rails for a closer look at what came before them. With an ear for the classic Swedish death sound, this band is cutting their teeth on greatness.

Guitarist Fredda mentions that some of his favorite bands are Grave, At The Gates, Entombed, Dismember, and Edge Of Sanity. That clearly shows with the guitar space he takes up here, really tuning it down low in a quest for the most violent of buzz saw sounds. This EP is filled with the downtuned mayhem made famous by early groups like Unleashed and Nihlist. It is built on chaotic speed, but still rejoices in the ability to stay in control and in command. The group's material is both lashing and punishing, but still takes the bait to slow down with tempo changes and grinding riffs. This is just amazing considering the length of the band's existence. While Fredda dabbles in the wicked ways of the past, vocalist Carl (just stepping in for this recording) takes a more hardcore stance, mixing in the death metal chants with a rugged, more stripped down approach. His voice reminds me of Dismember shouter Matti Karki, with its barks and shouts just perfect for this mix.

"Mankind", "Ancient Threat", and "All Turned Black" are original cuts written by Massive Assault. The band end this demo with a brutal cover of Hypocrisy's "Buried". Fitting considering how close they are to shoveling the competition into a deep grave. This is pure, hellbent fury, a steelbound sonic boom that never lets up, never gives in, and never retreats. This is Massive Assault.

Note - You can download this entire demo as well as the group's earlier material at the band's website at